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AuthorKevin R. Culhane
Μοδελ Ιντερρογατοριεσ
ςολυµε 1
Κεϖιν Ρ. Χυληανε
Μαναγινγ Εδιτορ: ϑιµ Παωελλ
Προδυχτιον: Αµισηι Σανγηϖι ανδ ϑυλιε Αννε Ινεσ
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Ρελατεδ τεξτσ φροµ ϑαµεσ Πυβλισηινγ:
∆εποσινγ ανδ Εξαµινινγ ∆οχτορσ
∆ετερµινινγ Εχονοµιχ ∆αµαγεσ
Εξποσινγ ∆εχεπτιϖε ∆εφενσε ∆οχτορσ
How Insurance Companies Settle Cases
Litigating Neck & Back Injuries
Maximizing Damages in Small Personal Injury Cases
Μεδιχαλ Εϖιδενχε
Negotiating with Insurance Companies
Personal Injury Handbook
Qualifying & Attacking Expert Witnesses
Σλιπ & Φαλλ Πραχτιχε
Χαλλ (866) 72−ϑΑΜΕΣ
ορ ϖισιτ ωωω.ϑαµεσΠυβλισηινγ.χοµ
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ment and research original sources of authority and local court rules.
Τηε πυβλισηερ ανδ τηε αυτηορ µακε νο ρεπρεσεντατιονσ χονχερνινγ τηε χοντεντσ οφ τηισ πυβλιχατιον ανδ δισχλαιµ
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It has now been over 22 years since the First Edition of Μοδελ Ιντερρογατοριεσ ωασ πυβλισηεδ. Τηε βοοκ ηασ βεεν
supplemented annually, and with each new effort I have benefited from the able help and sometimes not too subtle
encouragement of Melinda Matthews. I would once again like to thank her for her tireless efforts in word processing
εαχη αννυαλ συππλεµεντ.
In preparing the Supplement on the landmark Americans With Disabilities Act, I was inspired by the activities of
certain women whom I admire. The chapter began as an effort to honor Jeanne, who, without fanfare or recompense,
works to soften the world faced by children with disabilities. It continued as a tribute to Jennifer, who literally emerged
from the darkness to claim the light. It was also intended as a salute to Kaitlin, who once used her exceptional athletic
skills to engage a single autistic boy. Finally, it was inspired by my goddaughter Katie, who always had to trade two
steps for one. She has remained of good cheer throughout and—to borrow an overused sports analogy—she always
βρουγητ τηε ηεατ.
This book is dedicated to two men who had a profound effect upon the course of my life. The first is the late
Gordon D. Schaber, after whom the courthouse in which I sit is named. He served as a teacher, mentor, confidante
and advisor on more occasions than memory can recall. During the last years of his life he was burdened with lofty
“Counselor” and “Emeritus” titles, but was always regarded, by those of us who first saw the law through his eyes,
simply as “The Dean.” Like so many others, I consider myself fortunate to have counted this elegant man as a friend.
The second is my friend and law partner for a quarter century, the late Hartley T. Hansen. Although Hartley was
recognized as one of America’s finest attorneys, he always maintained his sense of humor and commitment to simple
ϕυστιχε φορ ηισ χλιεντσ. Τηουγη στριχκεν ωιτη αν υνεξπεχτεδ ανδ υνρελεντινγ δισεασε, ηε µαινταινεδ ηισ εσσεντιαλ
humanity to the end. As I told him only minutes before he departed this life, I shall miss him every day.
Σαχραµεντο, Χαλιφορνια

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