Appendix I: Telephonic Warrant Form

AuthorKen Wallentine
Appendix I: Telephonic Warrant Form
The following dialogue must be audio-recorded. Read the following
to the magistrate, word for word, after completing:
STATE OF _____________________, Plaintiff, versus
_____________________, Defendant.
Affidavit in Support of Telephonic Search Warrant, prepared by
I am in telephonic contact with Judge/Magistrate _______________
and I am recording the entire conversation. I, _________________,
being sworn state as follows:
1. I am a peace officer in the State of ______________. I have
been a police officer for the last _____ years. For all of those
years I have been employed by the __________________. For
the last ____ years, I have been assigned to the ____________
division. My duties there have included the investigation of
_____________________ (the type of crime under investiga-
tion). During my career I have been involved in the investiga-
tion and/or arrests of at least _____ persons for crimes such as
____________________ (the type of crime under investiga-
tion). I attended the Police Academy and am currently a
certified police officer. During my career, I have attended
many hours of in service training that includes training into the
investigation of ___________________.
2. The property for which a search warrant is sought is described
as follows:
3. The grounds for issuing a search warrant, as provided by state
statute, are as follows: the property is evidence of illegal
conduct (or was unlawfully acquired or is unlawfully possessed,
or is used to conceal or commit any crime).
4. I have probable cause to believe, and do believe, that the
property is located on the premises known or described as:
____________________, address ________________________.
(Describe the entire property, including vehicles, garages, barns
and any other outbuildings)

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