Appendix H: Sample Descriptions and Nexus Paragraphs

AuthorKen Wallentine
Appendix H:
Sample Descriptions and Nexus Paragraphs
Controlled substance warrant descriptions
Any and all controlled substances
, drug paraphernalia of any sort,
drug cultivation tools and devices, packaging materials, scales or
measuring devices, pipes and other smoking and ingestion devices,
instructional literature or books showing the cultivation, manufac-
ture, distribution or use of controlled substances, records of drug trans-
actions and profits, including all electronic media and reading devices
such as computers, diskettes, tapes, monitors and printers. Further
stated such controlled substances as more particularly described as:
, a green leafy substance in dried form. Further to include
materials used to package marijuana, specifically, plastic sandwich
bags; materials for using marijuana, including but not limited to, roll-
ing papers, small sheets of thin paper often found with adhesive on
one side, pipes, used to smoke marijuana, clips used to hold a mari-
juana cigarette while being smoked. Further to include personal notes
and records of narcotic transactions, listing names, dates, prices, quan-
tity sold and/or amounts owed.
, a controlled substance in white, powdery, crystalline form.
Further to include materials for packaging cocaine, specifically pa-
per sheets cut from magazines, lined paper, and other paper types,
plastic drinking straws, cut and uncut; items for ingesting or inhaling
cocaine, including but not limited to hollow tubes for snorting co-
caine, small spoons for snorting cocaine, mirrors used for cutting and
snorting cocaine, razor blades used for cutting and separating co-
caine; paraphernalia and equipment for manufacturing crack cocaine,
including, but not limited to, propane or butane torches or other heat
sources, baking soda for separating the cocaine base, small jars or
vials for cooking, pots for boiling and trays or mirrors for drying co-
caine. Further to include personal notes and records of narcotic trans-
actions, listing names, dates, prices, quantity sold and/or amounts
, a yellowish white powdery substance. Further to
include materials for packaging methamphetamine, specifically small
plastic baggies; paraphernalia for using methamphetamine, includ-
ing hollow tubes for snorting methamphetamine, small spoons for snort-
ing methamphetamine, mirrors for holding methamphetamine while
being snorted, razor blades for cutting methamphetamine into lines,

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