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AuthorJack Michael Graves
about the author
Jack Graves is a professor of law at the Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg
Law Center, where he teaches and writes about contracts, commercial law,
and arbitration—both domestic and international. His business and legal
careers include business management experiences before law school with
three different entities, as a CFO, COO, and CEO (designing, manufacturing,
buying, and selling goods across national borders), respectively; a six‑year
corporate and commercial law practice; and over 10 years of teaching,
writing, speaking, and consulting on law as a law school faculty member.
Today, Jack focuses primarily on local and global sales law and arbitration.
For further information about the author and a current list of resources relat
ing to Global Sales Law (including the CISG) and Arbitration, the reader should
consult the author’s website at:
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