CISG (Full Text of Statute)

AuthorJack Michael Graves
of STaTUTe)
ParT I – SPhere of aPPLICaTIon
and GeneraL ProvISIonS
Article 1
(1) This Convention applies to contracts of sale of goods between
parties whose places of business are in different States:
(a) when the States are Contracting States; or
(b) when the rules of private international law lead to the appli‑
cation of the law of a Contracting State.
(2) The fact that the parties have their places of business in different
States is to be disregarded whenever this fact does not appear either
from the contract or from any dealings between, or from informa
tion disclosed by, the parties at any time before or at the conclusion
of the contract.
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(3) Neither the nationality of the parties nor the civil or commercial
character of the parties or of the contract is to be taken into consid‑
eration in determining the application of this Convention.
Article 2
This Convention does not apply to sales:
(a) of goods bought for personal, family or household use, unless the
seller, at any time before or at the conclusion of the contract, neither
knew nor ought to have known that the goods were bought for any
such use;
(b) by auction;
(c) on execution or otherwise by authority of law;
(d) of stocks, shares, investment securities, negotiable instruments
or money;
(e) of ships, vessels, hovercraft or aircraft;
(f) of electricity.
Article 3
(1) Contracts for the supply of goods to be manufactured or produced
are to be considered sales unless the party who orders the goods
undertakes to supply a substantial part of the materials necessary for
such manufacture or production.
(2) This Convention does not apply to contracts in which the prepon
derant part of the obligations of the party who furnishes the goods
consists in the supply of labour or other services.
Article 4
This Convention governs only the formation of the contract of sale and
the rights and obligations of the seller and the buyer arising from such a
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contract. In particular, except as otherwise expressly provided in this Con‑
vention, it is not concerned with:
(a) the validity of the contract or of any of its provisions or of any
(b) the effect which the contract may have on the property in the
goods sold.
Article 5
This Convention does not apply to the liability of the seller for death or
personal injury caused by the goods to any person.
Article 6
The parties may exclude the application of this Convention or, subject to
article 12, derogate from or vary the effect of any of its provisions.
Article 7
(1) In the interpretation of this Convention, regard is to be had to its
international character and to the need to promote uniformity in its
application and the observance of good faith in international trade.
(2) Questions concerning matters governed by this Convention which
are not expressly settled in it are to be settled in conformity with the
general principles on which it is based or, in the absence of such prin‑
ciples, in conformity with the law applicable by virtue of the rules of
private international law.
Article 8
(1) For the purposes of this Convention statements made by and
other conduct of a party are to be interpreted according to his intent
Appendix A
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