Real Estate

AuthorCindy Stormer
I. General Points
§16:01 The Initial Client Intake
§16:02 The Texas Property Code
§16:03 Documents Should Show Marital Designation
§16:04 Filing Real Estate Documents
§16:05 Distinction Between Void and Voidable
§16:06 Real Estate Documents Must Be in Writing
§16:07 Parol Evidence
II. Real Estate Documents
A. Frequently Used Documents
§16:10 Warranty Deed
§16:11 General Warranty v. Special Warranty
§16:12 Deed of Trust
§16:13 Deed of Trust to Secure Assumption
§16:14 Warranty Deed With a Vendor’s Lien
§16:15 Real Estate Lien Note
§16:16 Quitclaim Deed
§16:17 Assumption Warranty Deed
§16:18 Warranty Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
B. Other Documents
§16:20 Special Deeds
§16:21 Homestead; Non-Homestead Affidavits
§16:22 Temporary Lease
§16:23 Removal of Mechanics Lien
§16:24 Easements
§16:25 Contract for Deed
§16:26 Transfer on Death Deed
§16:27 Trusts
III. Trespass to Try Title
§16:30 Definition and Authority
§16:31 The Petition
§16:32 The Answer and Demand for Abstract of Title
§16:33 The Judgment
IV. Foreclosures
§16:40 Parties and Settlement
§16:41 Non-Judicial Foreclosure
§16:42 Judicial Foreclosures
§16:43 Public Sale Procedure
§16:44 Sheriff’s Sale
§16:45 Market Value at the Time of Foreclosure
V. Adverse Possession
A. General Points
§16:50 Definition
§16:51 Elements and the Petition
§16:52 Actions Barred for Land Dedicated to Public Use
§16:53 Burden of Proof on Adverse Possessor
B. Statute of Limitations Periods
§16:60 Four Different Statutory Periods
§16:61 Three-Year Limitations Period
§16:62 Five-Year Limitations Period
§16:63 Ten-Year Limitations Period
§16:64 Twenty-Five-Year Limitations Period
§16:65 Two-Year Limitation Period
VI. Real Estate Closings
§16:70 The Earnest Money Contract and Sales Contract
§16:71 Order the Title Policy
§16:72 Preparing the Title Opinion
§16:73 After the Title Has Been Examined
§16:74 Determine the Property Taxes
§16:75 Obtain the Payoff Amount Owed to the Mortgagee
§16:76 The Settlement Statement
§16:77 At the Closing
§16:78 After the Closing
§16:79 After Funding
§16:80 Send the Documents
VII. Special Real Estate Issues
§16:90 First Right of Refusal
§16:91 Discrimination Prohibited
§16:92 Undisclosed Conditions
§16:93 Partition Suit
§16:94 Surface Minerals
§16:95 Discrimination in Housing
§16:96 Reverse Mortgages
§16:97 Researching the Property
§16:98 Advising the Residential Mineral Lessor
§16:99 Tax Protests
§16:100 Attorney’s Fees and Costs
§16:101 Restrictive Covenants
§16:102 Failure to Transfer Good Title
§16:103 Correction Deeds
§16:104 Recording a Will to serve as a Deed (including from another state or country)
Form 16:10 Real Estate Intake
Form 16:20 Earnest Money Contract
Form 16:30 Warranty Deed
Form 16:40 Warranty Deed with Vendor’s Lien
Form 16:50 Acknowledgment of Status of Title
Form 16:60 Assumption Warranty Deed
Form 16:70 Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
Form 16:80 Affidavit Claiming Lien
Form 16:90 Foreclosure Notice Letter
Form 16:100 Notice of Substitute Trustee’s Sale
Form 16:110 Foreclosure Mortgage Letter
Form 16:120 Foreclosure Posting Affidavit
Form 16:130 Foreclosure Citation by Posting
Form 16:140 Foreclosure Sale Transcript
Form 16:150 Foreclosure Deed
Form 16:16 0 Foreclosure Affidavit
Form 16:170 Foreclosure Sale Letter
Form 16:180 Judicial Foreclosure Notice Letter
Form 16:190 Notice of Lis Pendens
Form 16:200 Judicial Foreclosure Intake
Form 16:210 Foreclosure Procedures
Form 16:220 Judicial Foreclosure Petition
Form 16:230 Judicial Foreclosure Default
Form 16:240 Judicial Foreclosure Order of Sale
Form 16:250 Certificate of Appraisal Value
Form 16:260 Sheriff’s Notice Letter
Form 16:270 Notice of Sheriff’s Sale
Form 16:280 Sheriff’s Deed
Form 16:290 Adverse Possession Petition
Form 16:300 Adverse Possession Order
Form 16:310 Statement of Evidence—Adverse Possession
Form 16:320 Adverse Possession Script
Form 16:330 Sales Contract
Form 16:340 Letter to Title Company
Form 16:350 Settlement Statement
Form 16:360 Settlement Statement Procedures
Form 16:370 1099-S Affidavit
Form 16:380 Release of Lien
Form 16:390 Disclosure Notice
Form 16:400 Affidavit as to Debts and Liens
Form 16:410 Environmental Inspection Easement
Form 16:420 Federal Truth in Lending Disclosure Statement
Form 16:430 Homestead Affidavit
Form 16:440 Non-Homestead Affidavit
Form 16:450 Distribution Deed
Form 16:460 Deed Without Warranty
Form 16:470 Guardian’s Deed
Form 16:480 Seller’s Temporary Residential Lease
Form 16:490 Affidavit of Completion and Indemnity
Form 16:500 Abandonment of Easement
Form 16:510 Forfeiture Affidavit
Form 16:511 Transfer on Death Deed
Form 16:520 Appointment of Substitute Trustee

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