Marriage Dissolution

AuthorCindy Stormer
I. General Points
§10:01 Family Law Statistics
§10:02 Texas Family Law Practice Manual
§10:03 Annulment
§10:04 Common Law Marriage
§10:05 Pre-Marital Agreements
§10:06 Family Law Resources
II. Initial Client Contact
§10:10 Establish Jurisdiction
§10:11 Obtain Preliminary Information
§10:12 Anticipate Costs
§10:13 Determine Appropriate Lawsuit
§10:14 Preparing the File
III. The Original Petition
A. Jurisdiction
§10:20 Matrimonial Long Arm Statute
§10:21 Minimum Contacts
§10:22 Divorce and Child Custody: Personal Jurisdiction Not Required
§10:23 Property Division and Child Support: Personal Jurisdiction Required
B. Preparing and Filing the Petition
§10:30 Basic Elements
§10:31 Waiver of Service
§10:32 Domestic Torts
§10:33 Attorney Fees
§10:34 Special Requirements
§10:35 Filing the Petition
§10:36 Request for a Jury Trial
§10:37 Notice to the Attorney General
§10:38 Name Change
C. Service
§10:40 Waiver of Service
§10:41 Advise Against Signing a Waiver
§10:42 Serve the Opponent
§10:43 Service by Posting or Publication
§10:44 Service by Posting
§10:45 Service by Publication
IV. Temporary Orders
§10:50 General Points
§10:51 Temporary Ex Parte Restraining Order
§10:52 Child Support
§10:53 Spousal Maintenance
§10:54 Inventory
§10:55 Requesting a Hearing
V. Dividing the Property
A. General Points
§10:60 Just and Right Standard
§10:61 Disproportionate Division
B. Types of Property
§10:70 Community Property
§10:71 Separate Property
§10:72 Mixed Property
§10:73 Presumption of a Gift
§10:74 Personal Injury Recovery
§10:75 Professional Degrees
§10:76 Stock Options
C. Reimbursement
§10:80 Equitable Reimbursement
§10:81 Joint Ventures
§10:82 Non-Reimbursable Claims
§10:83 Claim for Reimbursement; Offsets
§10:84 Claims for Reimbursement
D. Tracing
1. General Points
§10:90 Trial Court Has Broad Discretion
§10:91 Inception of Title
§10:92 Tracing Experts
§10:93 Livestock
2. Tracing Methods
§10:100 Clearinghouse Method
§10:101 Minimum Sum Balance
§10:102 Community First Out Rule
§10:103 Pro Rata
§10:104 Value Tracing
§10:105 Item Tracing
VI. Real Estate Documents
§10:110 General Points
§10:111 Contracts Near the Time of Marriage or Divorce
§10:112 Special Warranty Deed
§10:113 Deed of Trust to Secure Assumption
§10:114 Real Estate Lien Note and Deed of Trust
§10:115 Warranty Deed With a Vendor’s Lien
§10:116 Quitclaim Deed
§10:117 Filing the Decree in Lieu of Real Estate Documents
VII. Issues Regarding Children
§10:120 Parenting Plan
§10:121 Paternity
§10:122 Possession and Access
§10:123 Parental Alienation
§10:124 The Non-Custodial Parent’s Visitation
§10:125 Interference with Custody or Visitation
§10:126 Uniform Child Custody Long Arm Statute
§10:127 Intervention by Grandparents or Others
§10:128 Representing Children
§10:129 No More Written Designations for Child Over 12 Years
VIII. Vehicle Transfers
§10:130 Power of Attorney to Transfer Automobile
§10:131 Documents for the Tax Office
§10:132 Motor Vehicle Transfer
§10:133 Mobile Home Transfer
IX. Discovery and Trial
§10:140 Discovery in Family Law Cases
§10:141 Pleadings: Sufficiency and Amendments
§10:142 Motion for Summary Judgment
§10:143 Conducting a Contested Hearing
§10:144 Social Media
X. The Final Decree
§10:150 Preparing the Final Decree
§10:151 Withholding Order
§10:152 Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO)
§10:153 Income Tax Exemptions
§10:154 Finalize the Divorce
XI. Post-Divorce Matters
§10:160 Partition of Undivided Property
§10:161 Protective Orders
§10:162 Motion for New Trial
§10:163 Beneficiary Designations and COBRA
§10:164 Closing the File
Form 10:10 Marriage Dissolution—Telephone Intake
Form 10:20 Family Law—Telephone Intake
Form 10:30 Intake Questionnaire
Form 10:40 Cohabitation Agreement
Form 10:50 Pre-Marital Agreement Intake
Form 10:60 Pre-Marital Agreement
Form 10:70 Marital Agreement
Form 10:80 Employment Contract
Form 10:90 Checklist—Marriage Dissolution
Form 10:100 Report of Divorce or Annulment of Marriage
Form 10:110 Service of Process Information Sheet
Form 10:111 Change of Name Petition

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