Misdemeanor Defense

AuthorCindy Stormer
I. General Points
A. Misdemeanors and Penalties
§15:01 Definition and Distinction from Felonies
§15:02 Misdemeanor Penalty Ranges
§15:03 Penalties for Controlled Substances
B. The Prosecutor’s Role
§15:10 Prosecutors Protect Justice
§15:11 Prosecutor’s Basic Obligations
§15:12 Disclosure of Evidence
§15:13 Crime Victim’s Compensation
C. Defense Attorney ’s Obligations
§15:20 Plea Offers
§15:21 Investigate Facts and Law
§15:22 Advise on Punishment
§15:23 Advise on Collateral Consequences
§15:24 Negotiating the Deal
D. Procedures
§15:30 Initial Client Interview
§15:31 Initial Procedures and Discovery
§15:32 Court Proceedings
§15:33 Bonds and the Writ of Habeas Corpus
§15:34 Representing the Mentally Ill Client
II. Traffic Tickets
§15:40 General Points
§15:41 Stipulation and Appeal Bond
§15:42 Deferred Adjudication
§15:43 Plea Offer in Traffic Tickets
§15:44 Defensive Driver Course
§15:45 Challenging the Detection Device for Speeding
III. Search and Seizure
A. General Points
§15:50 General Rule: Warrant Is Required
§15:51 Arrests Without Warrants
§15:52 Levels of Interaction
§15:53 Must Have an Affirmative Link
§15:54 Forfeiture
B. Specific Searches
§15:60 Places Incident to Arrest
§15:61 Persons Incident to Arrest
§15:62 Persons During the Execution of Search Warrants
§15:63 Body Fluids
§15:64 Protective (Cursory) Searches
§15:65 Prevention of Destruction of Evidence
§15:66 Vehicle Inventory Searches
§15:67 Curtilage and Open Fields
§15:68 Border Searches
§15:69 School Searches
§15:70 Water Safety Checks
§15:71 Automobiles
§15:72 Dog Search/Odor
C. Stops, Detentions, Arrests
§15:80 Detention
§15:81 Reasonable Suspicion
§15:82 Warrantless Arrests in the Home
§15:83 Traffic Stops
§15:84 Roadblocks and License Checkpoints
D. Motions to Suppress and Jury Charges
§15:90 Pretrial Motion to Suppress Evidence
§15:91 Objections to Fruits of Search Warrant
§15:92 Jury Charge on Illegal Search
§15:93 Corroboration Required in Some Drug Offenses
§15:94 Legal Hemp and Marijuana
IV. Confessions and Statements
§15:100 Definition and Protection
§15:101 Warning Requirement for Custodial Interrogation and Statements
§15:102 Exceptions to Warning Requirement
§15:103 Voluntariness
§15:104 Corroboration
§15:105 Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
§15:106 Recorded Statements at Trial
V. Plea Bargaining
§15:110 Purpose
§15:111 Dut y to Inform Client
§15:112 Agreement Is Binding
§15:113 Appeal After a Plea Bargain
§15:114 Excessive Fines
VI. Speedy Trial
§15:120 Basis for the Right to a Speedy Trial
§15:121 Time Length
§15:122 Factors
§15:123 Burden of Proof
§15:124 Remedy for Violation
VII. Pretrial Issues
§15:130 Appointing Experts
§15:131 Multiple Defendants
§15:132 Habitual Offenders
§15:133 Criminal Attempt
§15:134 Early Identification of Defendant Suspected of Having Mental Illness or Mental Retardation
§15:135 Competency
§15:136 Insanity
§15:137 Enhancement
§15:138 Indigency
§15:139 Consolidation and Joinder
§15:140 Motion for Continuance
§15:141 Bench Warrant
§15:142 Evading/Escape
§15:143 Subpoenas in Criminal Cases
§15:144 Possession of a Controlled Substance Defense
VIII. Community Supervision
A. General Proceedings
§15:150 Definition: Deferred Proceedings or Probated Sentence and Probation Eligibility
§15:151 Presentence Investigation Report (PSI)
§15:152 Payment of Fines, Costs, or Restitution
§15:153 Shock Probation
B. Deferred Adjudication
§15:160 Definition and Procedure
§15:161 Violation of a Condition
§15:162 Subsequent Offense
§15:163 Offenses for Which Deferred Adjudication Is Not an Option
§15:164 Consequences of Deferred Adjudication
§15:165 Petitions for Nondisclosure
C. Special Conditions
§15:170 Judge May Impose Any Reasonable Condition
§15:171 Community Service
§15:172 Offense Committed Because of Bias or Prejudice
IX. Trial Issues
§15:180 Visiting Judges
§15:181 The Plea in Traffic Cases
§15:182 Failure of the State to Timely Designate an Expert
§15:183 Double Jeopardy
§15:184 Lesser Included Offenses
§15:185 Evidence Stipulations
§15:186 Voir Dire Challenge for Cause
§15:187 Character Evidence of Victim
§15:188 Jury Issues
§15:189 Allocution
§15:190 Concurrent v. Cumulative Sentencing
§15:191 Credit for Time Served
§15:192 Other Trial Strategies
§15:193 Eyewitness Identification and other Issues—Wrongful Convictions

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