DWI Defense

AuthorCindy Stormer
I. General Points
A. Criminal Defense Work
§14:01 Ethics and Importance
§14:02 Duty to Investigate
§14:03 Attorney-Client Relationship
§14:04 Websites and e-filing
§14:05 Other Issues
B. Offenses and Definitions
§14:10 Driving While Intoxicated
§14:11 Intoxication
§14:12 Operating a Motor Vehicle
§14:13 Public Place
§14:14 Alcohol and Minors
§14:15 Open Container Law
§14:16 Public Intoxication
C. The First Client Meeting
§14:20 The Non-Citizen Client
§14:21 Client Interview
§14:22 Fee Agreements
II. Arrests and Tests
§14:30 Definition of an Arrest
§14:31 Authority for Warrantless Arrest
§14:32 Exclusionary Rule
§14:33 Field Sobriety Tests
§14:34 Implied Consent to Breath and Blood Tests
§14:35 Attacking Breath and Blood Tests
§14:36 Admissibility of Scientific Tests
§14:37 Use of Experts to Challenge Tests
§14:38 Expert Testimony a Necessity for the State
§14:39 Blood Search Warrants
III. Pre-Trial
A. Initial Procedure
§14:40 Information or Indictment
§14:41 Arraignment
§14:42 Announcement
§14:43 Right to a Jury Trial
B. Discovery and Trial Prep
§14:50 Discovery Request
§14:51 Open Records Requests
§14:52 Pretrial Hearings
§14:53 Motions to Suppress
§14:54 Request for Jury to Assess Punishment
§14:55 Preparation for Trial
IV. Punishments
A. Basic Punishments
§14:60 Driver’s License Suspension
§14:61 Administrative License Revocation (ALR) Hearing
§14:62 Surcharge Assessment
§14:63 Deferred Adjudication
B. Enhancements
§14:70 The Enhancement Scheme
§14:71 Third Offense Is a Felony
§14:72 Prior DWI Convictions Which Can Be Used for Enhancement
§14:73 Involuntary Manslaughter and Intoxication Manslaughter Enhancements
§14:74 Proving Prior Convictions
§14:75 Stipulations Are Admissions
§14:76 Prior Convictions Must Be in the Jury Charge
V. The Trial
A. Initial Procedure
§14:80 State Must Prove Every Element
§14:81 Voir Dire
§14:82 Batson
§14:83 Reading the Indictment
B. Common Issues
§14:90 Chain of Custody
§14:91 Confessions and Defendant’s Statements
§14:92 Malpractice
§14:93 Proof of Finality of Prior Convictions
§14:94 Retrograde Extrapolation
§14:95 Admissibility of Business Records
§14:96 Refusal to Give a Breath Sample
§14:97 Videotapes
§14:98 Trial Testimony
§14:99 Closing Argument
C. Jury Charge
§14:100 General Points
§14:101 Drafting the Jury Charge
§14:102 The Application Paragraph
§14:103 Lesser Included Offenses
§14:104 Extraneous Offenses—General Points
§14:105 Extraneous Offenses—Notice by State
§14:106 Extraneous Offenses—Proof of Identity
§14:107 Extraneous Offenses—Limiting Instructions
VI. DWI Community Supervision
§14:110 Basic Conditions
§14:111 Minimum Confinement
§14:112 Rehabilitation Treatment
§14:113 Educational Program
§14:114 Deep-Lung Breath Analysis Mechanism
§14:115 Driver’s License
§14:116 Revocation of Community Supervision
VII. Occupational License
§14:120 Eligibility for an Occupational License
§14:121 Preparing the Petition
§14:122 Filing the Application
§14:123 The Hearing
VIII. Collateral Consequences
A. Direct DWI Consequences
§14:130 Legal Consequences of DWI (and Other Offenses)
§14:131 Ignition Interlock Devices
§14:132 Property Forfeiture
B. Other Offenses
§14:140 General Points
§14:141 Student Grants and Loans
§14:142 Public Assistance; Health Care; Housing
§14:143 Employment and Licenses
§14:144 Passports
§14:145 Possession of a Firearm
§14:146 Right to Vote
§14:147 Jury Service
§14:148 Ability to Hold Public Office
§14:149 Driver’s License
§14:150 Citizenship
§14:151 Military Service
Form 14:10 Intake Questionnaire—Criminal
Form 14:20 Employment Contract—Criminal
Form 14:30 Entry of Appearance
Form 14:40 Waiver of Jury Trial
Form 14:50 Discovery—DWI
Form 14:60 Application for Jury to Assess Punishment
Form 14:70 Motion in Limine—DWI
Form 14:80 DWI Motion to Suppress
Form 14:90 Letter to Client
Form 14:100 Script—Failure to Testify
Form 14:110 DWI Mandatory Punishments
Form 14:120 Criminal Voir Dire
Form 14:121 Criminal Jury Questionnaire
Form 14:130 Occupational License Petition
Form 14:140 Occupational License Order
Form 14:150 Occupational License Hearing—Script

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