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AuthorJudge Gregory H. Ward/Judge Audra Ibarra
ProfessionRetired Judge, serving as a Judge of the Santa Clara County Superior Court from 1990 to 2010/Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge
Prepare to seamlessly present your case and conf‌idently object to your opponent’s evidence with California Objec-
tions. This edition includes new and updated text in all 22 chapters, updated tables, and 90+ new case notes. The
new text and cases cover a wide array of topics, including:
Waiver of right to jury trial. §2:20
Excusing jurors for cause because of views on death penalty. §2:160
Contact between a juror and witness. §3:90
Confrontation Clause guarantees of procedural safeguards for criminal defendants. §7:10
Courtroom security: physical restraint of criminal defendants. §7:10
Excluding witnesses from the courtroom. §7:100
Rule of completeness. §7:150
Introduction of forms of creative expression in criminal proceedings. §8:30
Former testimony offered against same party: discovery depositions. §9:170
Privilege not to testify against spouse. §10:110
Settlement negotiations and expressions of sympathy. §10:190
Cross-examination of expert witnesses on publications. §17:100
Prosecutorial misconduct. §20:10
Sanctions. §20:20
Conf‌licts of interest. §20:80
Get answers to your questions about evidence and trial procedure supported by multiple
references to current legal authority. With California Objections in your library, you
have the tools you need to be a powerful courtroom advocate for your client.
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