Lawyer-Client Relations

AuthorMatthew G. Kaiser
§12:00 Lawyer-Client
§12:01 Ineffective, But Laudable, Counsel
§12:02 Why You Will Not Go to Jail for Using Comic
Sans in a Pleading in Federal Court (Though,
When You Think About It, Maybe You Should)
§12:03 The Tenth Circuit Holds That a Federal
Sentencing Expert Was Correct That His Own
Federal Sentence Was Wrong
§12:04 Money Laundering, Obstruction of Justice, and
a Full-Service Lawyer
§12:05 When Criminal Defense Lawyers Go Bad
§12:06 More Defense Victories – in Brief
§12:07 Commentary
§12:01 Ineffective, But Laudable, Counsel
United States v. Juarez, 672 F.3d 381 (5th Cir. 2012)
Εϖερψονε µακεσ µιστακεσ. Εϖεν χριµιναλ δεφενσε λαωψερσ.
Λυισ ϑυαρεζ βουγητ α γυν. Ωηεν ηε βουγητ τηε γυν, ηε σαιδ τηατ ηε
ωασ α Υ.Σ. χιτιζεν. Τηε γοϖερνµεντ τηουγητ ηε ωασ λψινγ αβουτ τηατ.
Μρ. ϑυαρεζ ωασ χηαργεδ ωιτη ϖιολατινγ 18 Υ.Σ.Χ. ♣911, ωηιχη χριµιναλιζεσ
µακινγ α φαλσε στατεµεντ αβουτ βεινγ α Υνιτεδ Στατεσ χιτιζεν.

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