Evidence & Trials

AuthorMatthew G. Kaiser
Evidence and
Evidence and
§3:00 Evidence and
I. How Your Past Is Used Against You at Trial
§3:01 The Bad Things You’ve Done Can Make You
Look Bad
§3:02 The Government Convicts a Man in a Drug
Conspiracy Case Without Evidence That He
Was Involved in a Drug Conspiracy, and the
D.C. Circuit Reverses
§3:03 The Past Can Catch Up With You: Rule 404(b)
and a New Trial in North Dakota
II. Experts at Trial
§3:04 A Tale of Two Circuits
§3:05 The Government Can’t Use an Expert to
Introduce Prior Law Enforcement Contacts at
Trial, According to the Ninth Circuit
III. That’s Just Not Fair
§3:06 The First Circuit on Police Providing Information
to Drug Dealers: You’re Only in a Federal Drug
Conspiracy If You Know It’s a Federal Drug
§3:07 Summary Evidence and White-Collar Crimes:
The Tenth Circuit Says You Can’t Summarize
What Isn’t in Evidence
§3:08 The First Circuit Reverses for Multiple Evidentiary
Criminal Defense Victories in the Federal Circuits
Evidence and
Evidence and
§3:09 The Second Circuit Grants a New Trial:
Why Market Movements Should Come
With Cliff’s Notes
§3:10 The Fifth Circuit Affirms a Grant of a New Trial in
a Case of Texas Family Backstabbing
§3:11 Club Rules, Prejudicial Evidence, and Hard
Distinctions About Child Pornography
§3:12 The Ninth Circuit Sends a Memo to Prosecutors
About Closing Arguments
IV. The Constitution at Trial
§3:15 The Confrontation Clause, Business Records,
and Child Pornography
§3:16 The Third Circuit Holds That a Jury Can’t Infer
Intent From Constitutionally Protected Silence
§3:17 The Sixth Circuit Gives the Sixth Amendment’s
Speedy Trial Right Teeth
§3:1 8 The Seventh Circuit on the Possibility of Race-Based
Jury Strikes by an African-American Prosecutor
§3:19 Dismiss a Case Because of a Speedy Trial Act
Violation? Not So Fast
§3:20 A Lot of Federal Criminal Law and Procedure
in One Opinion: The D.C. Circuit Gives a Lot of
Bang for the Buck
V. Trial Strategy
§3:21 The Fourth Circuit Makes Testifying at Trial in
One’s Own Defense Ever So Slightly Less of a
Roll of the Dice
§3:22 The Sixth Circuit Lets a Jury Hear About the
Accident of Federal Jurisdiction in a Michigan
Swamp Murder
§3:23 A Clever Defendant in the Ninth Circuit Wins,
Then Loses, Arguing Double Jeopardy
§3:24 The Ninth Circuit Remands for a Third Trial in an
Illegal Reentry Case
Evidence and Trials
Evidence and
Evidence and
VI. The Jury Got It Wrong
§3:25 Do People Convicted of White-Collar Crimes
Have the Most to Gain From the Supreme
Court’s Recent Decisions on Ineffective
Assistance of Counsel?
§3:26 What You Tell Your Mother Can Be Used at Your
Trial (Though, in This Case, That’s a Good Thing)
§3:27 The Fourth Circuit Sends a Cockfighting Case
Back for Retrial Because of Wikipedia
§3:28 Business Crimes Can’t Be Proven Just by the
Company You Keep; the Sixth Circuit Reverses
for Insufficient Evidence
§3:29 Judge Posner, Heraclitus, and the Chicago Mob
§3:30 Federal Conspiracy Law and the Tenth Circuit;
or, How Many Conspiracies Can One Man Be a
Part of?
§3:31 An Internet Child Pornography Sting in the
Eleventh Circuit: Obstruction of Justice Has
More Stringent Pleading Requirements
§3:32 Collateral Estoppel in a Criminal Case: If You
Might Be a Citizen Once, You Might Be a Citizen
§3:33 The First Circuit Vacates a Conspiracy
§3:34 The First Circuit Reverses (One Count of) a
§3:35 Why the Government Has to Prove They Don’t
Make Computers in Iowa
VII. Evidence of Fraud
§3:36 A Fuzzy Stipulation Vacates a Conviction in a
Bankruptcy Fraud Trial in the First Circuit Court of
§3:3 7 The CFTC and Department of Justice Are the Same
Party for a Hearsay Rule, Says the Seventh Circuit

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