Interpreting Statutes

AuthorMatthew G. Kaiser
§10:00 Interpreting
§10:01 You’re Only Guilty of Messing With a Helicopter
Over Boston Harbor With a Laser Pointer If You
Intend to Mess With the Helicopter
§10:02 The Second Circuit Limits Bank Fraud
Prosecutions Where a Check Is Validly Issued
(and Other Facts Don’t Get in the Way)
§10:03 The Fourth Circuit Holds That Corporations
Aren’t People for the Purposes of the Identity
Theft Statute (or, Take That,
Citizens United
§10:04 Phone Calls From Africa to Kentucky Cannot Be
Prosecuted in Virginia, Even If Virginia Is Where
You Thought About the Fraud You’d Do on the
Phone Call
§10:05 Using Someone Else’s Credit Card Is Not Always
“Access Device” Fraud, or, Why You Shouldn’t
Leave Your Job If You’re Running a Fraud
§10:06 Judge Posner on Harboring, the Dictionary, and
Trusting the Government
§10:07 Threatening a Corporation Is Not a Crime, Even
on Super Bowl Sunday
§10:08 Why You Will Not Go to Jail for Using Comic
Sans in a Pleading in Federal Court (Though
Maybe You Should)
§10:01 Criminal Defense Victories in the Federal Circuits
§10:09 Chief Judge Kozinski Celebrates the Diversity of
Computer Misuse
§10:10 Drug Trafficking in the Waters of Panama Is Not
a Crime in the United States
§10:11 The Eleventh Circuit Vacates Based on a
Speedy Trial Act Violation
§10:12 An Internet Child Pornography Sting in the
Eleventh Circuit Reminds Us That Obstruction
of Justice Has More Stringent Pleading
§10:13 Statutory Rape Is Not a Crime of Violence
§10:14 It Is Not Good to Commit New Crimes While on
Pretrial Release
§10:15 The Eighth Circuit Reverses a Sentence and
Shows Why Relying on Criminal Conduct
at Sentencing, Without a Conviction, Is
§10:16 A Clever Defendant in the Ninth Circuit Wins,
Then Loses, Arguing Double Jeopardy
§10:17 Ms. Tapia Wins! Again!
§10:18 Cuba, Baseball, Immigration Policy, and Crime
§10:19 More Defense Victories – in Brief
§10:01 You’re Only Guilty of Messing With a
Helicopter Over Boston Harbor With
a Laser Pointer If You Intend to Mess
With the Helicopter
United States v. Sasso, 695 F.3d 25 (1st Cir. 2012)
Γεραρδ Σασσο µαδε σοµε βαδ δεχισιονσ.
Ασ ηυµανσ ηαϖε φορ τηουσανδσ οφ ψεαρσ, ηε ενϕοψεδ σταργαζινγ. Ηε
αλσο ηαδ αν οδδ ηαβιτ οφ χολλεχτινγ λασερ ποιντερσπερηαπσ ινσπιρεδ βψ
τηατ σχενε ιν τηε 1985 ςαλ Κιλµερ φιλµ Ρεαλ Γενιυσ ωηερε α λασερ λεαδσ το
αν ιµπροβαβλψ αωεσοµε παρτψ.

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