Email as a Platform

AuthorDennis Kennedy - Tom Mighell
Email as a Platform
Many years ago, email was dubbed the “killer app,” as the
computer application destined to have the most impact on our
daily lives. The fact that more than 250 billion emails are sent
on a daily basis proves the truth of that assertion. There are
days when we feel we get at least that many ourselves. Because
it is likely the electronic communications tool you use most
often in your practice, there is a temptation to say email is the
best collaboration tool for lawyers—but we’re not sure would
agree with that conclusion. In this chapter, we’ll discuss the
idea of email as a collaboration platform, the pros and cons of
using email as a collaboration tool, and some practical tips for
getting the most out of your email use.
Of all the collaboration platforms we discuss in this book,
none is more important or more ubiquitous than email, for
several reasons:
n Simplicity—Email is easy to use (although it may be
more difficult to manage, as we’ll discuss below). Of all
computer applications, email is perhaps the one that
people “get” the most. And after you learn it for the
first time, all other upgrades or variations are basically
the same, so the learning curve for keeping up with
email is almost nonexistent.
n Interoperability—No matter what operating system
you use, you can send email. Further, you can use
email from a stand-alone application or via web-based
sites like Gmail. It’s also accessible from anywhere you
are—from your computer, your tablet, or, increasingly,
your cell phone—at any time.

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