Specialized, High-End, and Alternative Collaboration Platforms

AuthorDennis Kennedy - Tom Mighell
Specialized, High-End, and
Alternative Collaboration
In addition to the general collaboration platforms we have
covered in this part, lawyers may choose among a wide vari-
ety of specialty collaboration platforms that focus on specific
tasks or areas of practice. Electronic discovery has continued
to see steady development of collaboration platforms. In this
chapter, we take a quick tour of some alternative collaboration
platforms lawyers can use to work with others. You will note
that many of these collaboration tools either have started as
cloud applications or have migrated from the desktop to the
cloud in the past few years. Keep in mind that many of these
platforms can also be accessed by smartphones by means of
mobile apps.
Practice Management Programs
Many lawyers and law firms use or have used practice man-
agement programs like TimeMatters, PracticeMaster, Amicus
Attorney, and others. These programs help you administer a
law practice, and they provide a wide range of tools that let
you manage files, delegate tasks, coordinate projects, direct
workflow, create client portals, and take care of other collabo-
ration tasks. Cloud practice management services like Clio and
Rocket Matter have captured a large portion of the practice
management market in the last few years and a good number
of legal tech startups are in the cloud practice management

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