Collaborating Inside and Outside the Office: Client Portals and Intranets

AuthorDennis Kennedy - Tom Mighell
Collaborating Inside and
Outside the Office: Client
Portals and Intranets
As we discussed in Chapter 17, the client portal is a funda-
mental building block of online collaboration. Its internal
counterpart, the intranet, is also a valuable collaboration tool
for lawyers. Although the client portal is designed to allow col-
laboration outside a firm or organization and the intranet facil-
itates collaboration within a company’s computer network,
both tools share one crucial attribute: to access either, all the
user needs is a web browser or mobile app to access the tools
anywhere and anytime. They also share other common collab-
orative features: document sharing, communications and proj-
ect management tools, resource libraries, and other items that
assist people in working together. Together, they are two of the
most important collaboration platforms available to lawyers.
In this chapter, we discuss client portals and intranets in
more detail, and some of the products available in these areas.
Client Portals
Practice Management Portals
Since the first edition of this book, one of the biggest addi-
tions to the online legal technology community is cloud-based
practice management software. Tools like Clio, Rocket Matter,
and MyCase now offer secure client portals as part of their
standard services. Out of the box, these portals provide client

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