Other Web Collaboration Tools

AuthorDennis Kennedy - Tom Mighell
Other Web
Collaboration Tools
Web collaboration tools use Internet technologies that enable
information to be used, displayed, and managed in new and
innovative ways by turning the Internet itself into an applica-
tion platform. You access the tool’s functionality simply by
using a browser or mobile app. Storage and process are gen-
erally delivered via the Internet (the cloud) rather than on the
device you are using. There are thousands of web collabora-
tion tools today. In this chapter, we’ll survey a few of these web
or cloud collaboration tools and invite you to keep an eye open
for even more types of these tools to appear in the future, such
as artificial-intelligence-as-a-service. This area is a rich one for
exploration and new tools appear all the time.
File Transfer and Sharing
Internet users have been sharing files for years. File sharing
was one of the first things the Internet was used for. Remem-
ber Napster? The first type of file sharing was the peer-to-peer
network, which allowed others to access files on individual
computers and share them directly from computer to com-
puter. Today, the cloud provides a more effective, distributed
file-sharing experience, where files are stored online on web
servers at the same place or at a persistent URL.
One problem that cloud-based file sharing solves is the
challenge of sending large files to other people. Many email
systems have size limits on attachments, making it difficult to
send large files. Tools like Citrix ShareFile (www.sharefile.com)

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