AuthorPaulo Marcos Rodrigues Brancher - Carla Amaral de Andrade Junqueira Canero
This project was initi ally conceived during the A BA 2009 Spring Meet ing in Wash-
ington, D.C., when the editors put forward t he suggestion to the ABA P ublications
Committee. T his second edition was a result of the g reat success of the first edition
published in 2011, as well as of the continued economic growth of the S outh Amer-
ica region. This project was m ade possible thanks to the support a nd full commit-
ment of the invited country coordi nating authors, and we are delighted with the
Putting together t his publication has called for a g reat deal of determinat ion
and enthusiasm. The work done by each of the country coordinating authors,
coauthors, and contributors is acknowledged in each of the chapters . We wish to
express our gratitude to each law yer who contributed to the preparation of this
book through the countr y coordinating authors.
The section’s publications officer, Catherine Doll, and ABA Publishi ng’s Rich-
ard Paszkiet and Kimberly Rosen field provided invaluable support and contributed
enormously from the inception of this bo ok to its publication. In our role as edi-
tors, we also enjoyed the full support of other law yers from our firm, B arretto
Ferreira e Brancher– Sociedade de Advogados (BKBG), for the preparation of the
chapter on Brazil. A warm tha nks to all of them.
The chapters of this book are t he result of the hard work, persistence, a nd
cooperation of a highly experienced and skilled team of law yers. We hope that
readers will rely on the content of this g uide when considering doing business i n
South America.
Ricardo Barret to Ferreira da Silva
Paulo Marcos Rodrigues Bra ncher
Carla Amaral de A ndrade Junqueira Canero

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