South America Overview

AuthorPaulo Marcos Rodrigues Brancher - Carla Amaral de Andrade Junqueira Canero
South America Overview
Ricardo Barretto Ferreira da Silva
Paulo Marcos Rodrigues Brancher
Carla Amaral de Andrade Junqueira Canero
South America has a n area of 17,840,000 square kilometers. T he region’s popula-
tion is approximately 390 million. South A merica’s economy is based mostly on
agriculture and mineral ext raction.
South America’s gross domestic product exp erienced fast recovery after t he
financial cri sis in 2007–2008. T he recovery from the international crisis relied on
public policies intended to lower food and energy price s, as well as investment in
infrastruc ture, main ly in roadway networks and ports. Brazi l has the largest port s
in South America. S outh America is conne cted by regular inter national flights a nd
has over 100,000 kilometer s of railway networks.
In the energy sec tor, Brazil and Argentina obtain over 80 percent of their e nergy
from hydroelectric power or natural g as, and Brazil’s large sugar ca ne production
also leads to signific ant ethanol production, but alternat ive sources of energy are
growing. Colombia has the lar gest coal reserves in S outh America, and Venezuela
is one of the world’s biggest oil producers. Discoveries of oil in Brazil may generate
even higher production levels in the reg ion.
The region also has the la rgest mining compa nies in the world and is rich in
silver, copper, and iron ore. Steel production is increasing due to the promotion of
national public policies.
The mobile division leads the telecom se ctor. Telecom companies in South
America offer 3G and 4G net works.

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