AuthorCharles M. Miller/Daniel Brown/Marcine Anne Seid
ProfessionFounding partner of the Miller Law Offices, Studio City, California/Partner in Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy LLP's Washington, D.C./Principal attorney of the Seid Law Group, Palo Alto, California
Immigration compliance is a relatively new subspecialty of immigration law, and the
authors recognize the pioneering efforts of our colleagues who have contributed to its
existence. We are especially grateful to S. Christopher Stowe Jr., our co-author of the
rst American Bar Association immigration compliance book, Immigration Compliance
Auditing for Lawyers. We also owe a debt of gratitude to Paul Virtue; F. Daniel Siciliano
and Stanford Law School; Victor Nieblas, Margaret McCormick and Bernie Wolfsdorf
of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, all of whom offered their insight and
efforts at the beginning of this new area of the law.
Terri Senesac Miller, my wife and law partner, was more than a source of advice
and encouragement for this book. The immigration law best practices that she has devel-
oped are evident throughout this book’s pages. Much of the anecdotal commentary as to
the interaction of a global employer with the Homeland Security employment laws was
gained in our last two decades of representing Latham & Watkins LLP in its immigration
matters. We are grateful to Adrian Davis of that rm for his guidance and perspective,
which is frequently reected in this book.
Finally, American Bar Association Publications and our editor John Palmer deserve
recognition for their early and constant support for the development of immigration com-
pliance law and your co-authors’ efforts to bring the information in our book to our
American Bar Association colleagues.
Charles M. Miller

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