Wyoming. Statutory Language

Wyoming Statute 55-25
Art. 1, § 30. Monopolies and perpetuities prohibited
Perpetuities and monopolies are contrary to the genius of a free state, and shall
not be allowed. Corporations being creatures of the state, endowed for the public
good with a portion of its sovereign powers, must be subject to its control.
Art. 10, § 8. Trusts prohibited
There shall be no consolidation or combination of corporations of any kind
whatever to prevent competition, to control or influence productions or prices
thereof, or in any other manner to interfere with the public good and general welfare.
. §§ 40-4-101 to 40-4-123
§ 40-4-101. What constitutes unfair discrimination; penalty; exceptions
(a) Any person, firm or corporation, foreign or domestic, or other entity doing
business in the state of Wyoming and engaged in the production, manufacture, sale
or distribution of any commodity in general use, shall not:
(i) Make, enter into, form or become a party to any plan, contract,
agreement, consolidation, merger or combination of any kind whatsoever to prevent
competition or to control or influence production or prices thereof;
(ii) and (iii) Repealed by Laws 2009, ch. 172, § 2
(b) Any person, firm or corporation or other entity violating subsection (a) of
this section is guilty of unfair discrimination and any agreement, contract, whether
express or implied, or any provision of an agreement or contract violating subsection
(a) of this section is illegal and void to the extent it violates subsection (a) of this
(c) This chapter shall not:
(i) and (ii) Repealed by Laws 2009, ch. 172, § 2.
(iii) Prevent the sale of goods at commercial discounts customary in the
sale of the goods;
(iv) Prohibit cooperative agreements for antitrust exceptions approved
and operating pursuant to W.S. 35-24-101 through 35-24-116.
(v) Prohibit the development, agreement on and use of standards
designed to permit or encourage competition or interoperability among products or
services, provided the standards do not include provisions fixing or colluding on the
prices or colluding to prevent competition by limiting the availability of the products
or services;
Wyoming Statute 55-26
(vi) Prohibit any person, firm, corporation or other entity from entering
into any agreement or contract with a customer which specifies the price charged, or
the services furnished, to the customer, or which gives discounts or additional
services to the customer for purchasing specified volumes or multiple products of the
same or similar product or service; or
(vii) Prohibit any person, firm, corporation or other entity from offering
a customer loyalty program.
(d) As used in this chapter “this act” means W.S. 40-4-101 through 40-4-105,
40-4-107, 40-4-109, 40-4-110 and 40-4-114.
§ 40-4-102. Duty of attorney general and county attorney upon complaint
If complaint shall be made to the attorney general of the state of Wyoming, or
the county attorney of any county thereof, that any corporation, chartered in this state
or any foreign corporation, doing business in this state by virtue of compliance with
the laws thereof, or any person or firm of persons doing business in this state, is
guilty of unfair discrimination, within the terms of this act [§§ 40-4-101 through
40-4-105], it shall be the duty of the attorney general, and the county attorneys of this
state to institute an inquiry as to such discrimination, giving to the party complained
against notice and reasonable opportunity to be heard, and if in the judgment of such
prosecuting officers, or either of them, any corporation, foreign or domestic, or any
person or firm of persons shall have been guilty of unfair discrimination, within the
terms of this act, it shall be their duty to institute quo warranto proceeding, to forfeit
the charter of said domestic corporation, or if a foreign corporation to procure an
order of court to cause the permit of said corporation to do business in this state,
immediately forfeited.
§ 40-4-103. Ouster of corporation for doing business after revocation of
charter or permit
If after the revocation of such charter, in the case of domestic corporation; or if
its permit, if it be a foreign corporation, any corporation shall continue or attempt to
do business in the state of Wyoming, it shall be the duty of the attorney general, by a
proper suit, in the name of the state of Wyoming to oust such corporation from all
business of every kind and character in said state of Wyoming.
§ 40-4-104. Penalty for violation of provisions
Any person, firm or corporation violating any of the provisions of this chapter
shall be fined in any sum not more than five thousand dollars ($5,000.00), or by
imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding one (1) year, or both such fine and

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