Virginia. Statutory Language

Virginia Statute 50-35
. §§ 59.1-9.1 to 59.1-9.18
§ 59.1-9.1. Short title
This chapter may be known and cited as the “Virginia Antitrust Act.”
§ 59.1-9.2. Purpose of chapter
The purpose of this chapter is to promote the free market system in the economy
of this Commonwealth by prohibiting restraints of trade and monopolistic practices
that act or tend to act to decrease competition. This chapter shall be construed in
accordance with the legislative purpose to implement fully the Commonwealth’s
police power to regulate commerce.
§ 59.1-9.3. Definitions
When used in this chapter:
(a) The term “person” includes, unless the context otherwise requires, any
natural person, any trust or association of persons, formal or otherwise, or any
corporation, partnership, company, or other legal or commercial entity.
(b) The term “trade or commerce,” “trade,” and “commerce,” include all
economic activity involving or relating to any commodity, service or business
(c) The term “commodity” includes any kind of real or personal property.
(d) The term “service” includes any activity that is performed in whole or in
part for the purpose of financial gain, including but not limited to personal service,
rental, leasing or licensing for use.
§ 59.1-9.4. Certain activities not prohibited
(a) No provision of this chapter shall be construed to make illegal:
(1) The activities of any labor or professional organization or of
individual members thereof that are directed solely to labor or professional objectives
legitimate under the laws of this Commonwealth or the United States.
(2) The activities of any agricultural or horticultural cooperative
organization, or of individual members thereof, to the extent necessary to achieve the
aims of the enacted laws of either this Commonwealth or the United States.
(3) The bona fide religious and charitable activities of any nonprofit
corporation, trust or organization established exclusively for religious or charitable

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