Ohio. Statutory Language

Ohio Statute 38-33
, ch. 1331, §§ 1331.01 to 1331.99
§ 1331.01. Definitions
As used in sections 1331.01 to 1331.14 of the Revised Code:
(A) “Person” includes corporations, partnerships, and associations existing
under or authorized by any state or territory of the United States, and solely for the
purpose of the definition of division (B) of this section, a foreign governmental
(B) “Trust” is a combination of capital, skill, or acts by two or more persons
for any of the following purposes:
(1) To create or carry out restrictions in trade or commerce;
(2) To limit or reduce the production, or increase or reduce the price of
merchandise or a commodity;
(3) To prevent competition in manufacturing, making, transportation,
sale, or purchase of merchandise, produce, or a commodity;
(4) To fix at a standard or figure, whereby its price to the public or
consumer is in any manner controlled or established, an article or commodity of
merchandise, produce, or commerce intended for sale, barter, use, or consumption in
this state;
(5) To make, enter into, execute, or carry out contracts, obligations, or
agreements of any kind by which they bind or have bound themselves not to sell,
dispose of, or transport an article or commodity, or an article of trade, use,
merchandise, commerce, or consumption below a common standard figure or fixed
value, or by which they agree in any manner to keep the price of such article,
commodity, or transportation at a fixed or graduated figure, or by which they shall in
any manner establish or settle the price of an article, commodity, or transportation
between them or themselves and others, so as directly or indirectly to preclude a free
and unrestricted competition among themselves, purchasers, or consumers in the sale
or transportation of such article or commodity, or by which they agree to pool,
combine, or directly or indirectly unite any interests which they have connected with
the sale or transportation of such article or commodity, that its price might in any
manner be affected;
(6) To refuse to buy from, sell to, or trade with any person because such
person appears on a blacklist issued by, or is being boycotted by, any foreign
corporate or governmental entity.
“Trust,” as defined in this section, does not include bargaining by a labor
organization in negotiating or effecting contracts with an employer or employer
group with reference to minimum payment to any member of the labor organization
for any motor vehicles owned, driven, and used exclusively by such member in the

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