Rhode Island. Statutory Language

Rhode Island Statute 43-29
R.I. G
§§ 6-36-1 to 6-36-26
§ 6-36-1. Short title
This chapter shall be known and may be cited as the “Rhode Island Antitrust
§ 6-36-2. Purpose – rules of construction
(a) The purposes of this chapter are:
(1) To complement the laws of the United States governing
monopolistic and restrictive trade practices; and
(2) To promote the unhampered growth of commerce and industry
throughout the state by prohibiting unreasonable restraints of trade and monopolistic
practices, inasmuch as these have the effect of hampering, preventing, or decreasing
competition. It is intended that as a result the prices of goods and services to
consumers will be fairly determined by free market competition in activities affecting
trade or commerce in this state, including the manufacturing, distribution, financing,
and service sectors of the economy, except as otherwise provided by the statutes,
regulations, and judicial decisions of this state. The general assembly intends to fully
exercise its power to affect and regulate commerce in order to effectuate the purpose
of this chapter.
(b) This chapter shall be construed in harmony with judicial interpretations of
comparable federal antitrust statutes insofar as practicable, except where provisions
of this chapter are expressly contrary to applicable federal provisions as construed.
§ 6-36-3. Definitions
For the purposes of this chapter, the terms defined in the section have the
following meanings:
(1) “Commodity” means any goods, merchandise, wares, produce, chose in
action, article of commerce, or any other tangible or intangible property, real,
personal, or mixed, for use, consumption, enjoyment, or resale;
(2) “Department” means the department of attorney general of this state;
(3) “Documentary material” means any original or copy of any book, record,
memorandum, paper communication, tabulation, map, chart, photograph, mechanical
transcription, or other tangible document or recording;
(4) “Investigative demand” or “demand” means an investigative demand
pursuant to § 6-36-9(b);

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