Workplace Falls

AuthorCharles E. Turnbow
Workplace Falls
§1600 Introduction
§1610 Relationship Between Worker and Property Owner
Picture: Industrial Stairway
Picture: Improper Tread Size
Case 1: Housing Project Floor
Case 2: Office Lobby
Case 3: Industrial Stairway
§1620 Nature of Hazard
§1621 Building Code Violations and Structural Defects
§1622 Hazards Resulting From Improper Building Material
Case 1: Contractor vs. Owner Liability
§1623 Hazards Resulting From Improper Maintenance
Case 1: Failure to Warn
Case 2: Failure to Inspect
Case 3: Failure to Clean
Case 4: Slippery Driveway
§1624 Hazards Created by Third Parties
Case 1: Construction Site
Case 2: Leaking Roof
Case 3: Stopped Floor Drain
Case 4: Leaking Six-Pack
§1630 Documenting Hazard and Accident
§1631 Source and Format of Photographs
§1640 Notice Problems
§1650 Common Industry Hazards
§1660 Notice of Hazard Inherent to Activity
Case 1: Safety Boots
§1670 Sources of Evidence
§1671 Coworkers and Supervisors
§1672 OSHA and Other Accident Reports
§1673 Training Manuals
§1674 Claims or Risk Management Manuals
§1675 Employee Training Videos
§1676 Federal, State and Local Safety Orders
§1677 Federal, State and Local Safety Advisories
§1680 Plaintiff-in-Intervention
§1681 Intervenor as Only Plaintiff
§1682 When Defendant Settles With Intervenor
Case 1: Intervenor as “Missing Chair”

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