Falls in Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

AuthorCharles E. Turnbow
Falls in Hospitals and Health Care
§2500 Introduction
§2510 Types of Accidents
§2511 Slip and Fall Accidents
§2512 Trip and Fall Accidents
§2513 Equipment and Fixture Accidents
§2520 Class of Victims
§2521 Health Care Workers
§2521.1 Employees
§2521.2 Nursing Staff
§2521.3 Physicians and Surgeons
§2521.4 Contractors and Statutory Employees
§2522 Patients
§2523 Visitors
§2524 Vendors
§2530 Common Hazards
§2531 Contaminants on Floor
§2532 Improper Use of Floor Mats and Runners
§2533 Indoor Walking Surface Irregularities
§2534 Outdoor Walking Surface Irregularities
§2535 Weather Conditions: Ice and Snow
§2536 Inadequate Lighting
§2537 Stairs and Handrails
§2538 Tripping Hazards
§2540 Prevention Programs
§2541 Inspections
§2542 Maintenance
§2543 Training
§2544 Monitoring
§2550 Issues of Law
§2551 Professional Negligence (Medical Malpractice)
§2552 Premises Liability
§2553 Statutes of Limitation
§2554 Statutory Limits on Recovery
§2555 Filing Procedures

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