Falls on Construction Sites

AuthorCharles E. Turnbow
Falls on Construction Sites
§2000 Introduction
§2005 Accidents Involving Subcontractor Employees
§2010 Four Categories of Hazards
§2011 Wet Surfaces
§2012 Construction Processes
§2013 Falls on Debris
§2014 Falls From Heights
§2020 Multiple Defendants in Construction Cases
Case 1: Multiple Defendants
Case 2: Contractors and Sub-contractors
§2030 Peculiar or Special Risk
§2040 Structural Defects
Case 1: Fall Through Plywood Roof Sheathing
Case 2: Unfinished Skylight
Case 3: Joist Walking
Case 4: Defective Scaffold Plank
Case 5: Steel Plate on Construction Ramp
Case 6: Glazed Tile on Entry Court
§2050 Poor Workplace Maintenance
Case 1: Trip Over Wire
Case 2: Concrete Cutting Creates Slipping Hazard
Case 3: Fall on Plaster Dust in Hospital
§2060 Falls on Mechanized Equipment
§2061 Duty
§2070 Evaluating the Hazard
§2071 Entry Steps
§2071.1 Fixed Steps and Ladders
§2071.2 Equipment Maintenance
§2071.3 Site Maintenance
Case 1: Fall on Truck From Grease Accumulation
Case 2: Driver Slips on Debris
§2072 Catwalks and Control Stations
§2073 Forklift Rails and Loader Buckets
Case 1: Fall From Forklift
§2074 Hoists and Manlifts

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