Falls at Recreational Facilities

AuthorCharles E. Turnbow
Falls at Recreational Facilities
§2100 Introduction
§2110 Foodstuffs and Liquids
Case 1: Melted Ice Cream in Theater
Case 2: Hot Dog at Race Track
Case 3: Spilled Soft Drink at Disneyland
§2120 Debris and Litter
Case 1: Betting Stubs at Race Track
Case 2: Wet Paper at Convention Center
§2130 Insufficient Lighting
Case 1: Fall on Steps at Circus
Case 2: Fall on Grassy Area at Animal Park
§2140 Ski Lifts
Case 1: Hit in Head Trying to Board Lift
§2150 Tennis and Ball Courts
Case 1: Massive Head Trauma After Tripping on Tennis Court
§2151 Liability Analysis Report
§2151.1 Elements of Liability Analysis Report

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