The Future of Collaboration in the Practice of Law

AuthorDennis Kennedy - Tom Mighell
The Future of
Collaboration in the
Practice of Law
Before starting this book, we had a general sense of how law-
yers collaborate—with their clients, colleagues, and others.
As we worked our way through writing the book, however, we
were struck by how collaboration permeates literally every
aspect of the practice of law, affecting lawyers and everyone
who works with them. In fact, lawyers are constantly collabo-
rating, internally and externally, with those on the same side as
well as on the other side. Understanding this reality—that col-
laboration is not an option—is the first step in making smart
choices about collaboration tools and technologies.
We have no doubt that, as you read this book, you realized
that you already use a wide variety of tools for collaboration.
Many of these tools do not involve technology—sticky notes,
comments scrawled on documents, a chance meeting in the
hallway, or a planning meeting with the client. But some of
the tools you use do involve technology, and you’ve probably
been using them for years—a modified spreadsheet for project
management, a docket in a word processor, or an outliner tool.
We had three goals in this book. First, we wanted you to
consider the existing methods and systems you use to collab-
orate today, and we suggested ways to bring those thoughts
to the surface. Our second goal was to discuss and show you
a new generation of collaboration technologies and point out
how they can help you improve your current systems in ways
you might never have expected. Finally, and most importantly,

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