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Appendix 1
asynchronous—Not occurring at the same time; the opposite of syn-
authentication—A process for confirming a user’s identity.
authorization—A process that protects computer resources by
limiting their use to only those who have been granted specific per-
blog—A frequently updated website based on a template produced
by easy-to-use content management or “blogging” software and char-
acterized by certain common elements, including the display of con-
tent in the form of individual “posts,” reverse chronological entries,
RSS feeds, archives, and comments.
click-wrap agreement—An online contract accepted without nego-
tiation by clicking an Accept button or taking a similar action. Also
called click-through agreement.
conference calls—A telephone call with more than two separate
participants calling from more than two phones. Sometimes refers
to a traditional one-to-one call where one or both sides have several
people participating via a speakerphone in the same room.
cookies—Small text files sent by a web server to the web browser
of a visitor on each visit to provide authentication, tracking, and/or
cracking—A process for breaking passwords or otherwise defeating
computer security systems.
dashboard—A management tool that creates visual displays of data
pulled from a variety of underlying sources and presents them in
unified fashion, commonly as a box that appears on a home page or
portal page.
*Wikipedia ( and What Is ( were used as resources in compiling this glossary.

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