Collaboration Resources

AuthorDennis Kennedy - Tom Mighell
Appendix 2
Collaboration Resources
A note about resources: When preparing this second edition,
we were struck by how many of the resources in the first edi-
tion are no longer available. In this edition, we will focus the
resource section on books and other resources that give quick
introductions and overviews of some of the issues covered in
this book, emphasizing legally focused materials whenever pos-
sible. Think of the following lists as starting points only and be
prepared to be creative in locating new and relevant sources.
Podcasts, Articles, and Other Works by
Dennis and Tom
We talk about collaboration tools and technologies on a
regular basis on “The Kennedy-Mighell Report” podcast on
the Legal Talk Network (
/kennedy-mighell-report/). The quickest and easiest way to
find our articles and presentation will be to run the Google
+kennedy+tom+mighell. We have also each written individually
and with others about topics mentioned in this book.
60 Minute Strategic Plan, by Ann Marie Smith and John E. Johnson
(Amazon Digital Services 2011)

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