Recommended Choices for Common Scenarios, from Solos to Large Firms

AuthorDennis Kennedy - Tom Mighell
Recommended Choices for
Common Scenarios, from
Solos to Large Firms
In this chapter, we make some recommendations on suggested
choices for collaboration tools in a variety of law practice sce-
narios. We offer these only as guidelines and to help you start
a discussion with your collaborators. One clear lesson you
should learn from this book is that collaboration technology
choices should be based on your unique situation, require-
ments, and assessment of your current and future projects.
And your choices do not happen in a vacuum. You must con-
sult and collaborate with your collaborators.
That said, the following list will illustrate our way of look-
ing at collaboration tools in various settings. Keep in mind a
few assumptions as you read this chapter:
n Specific client needs or requests might change recom-
n Making use of collaboration features in existing tools
should be considered first rather than moving to new
n Specific concerns about issues like security, external
hosting, and the like might change your choices.
Solo Lawyers
Solo lawyers, especially those just starting out, have been
among the pioneers in the use of collaboration tools, especially

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