Opening; Summation

AuthorLeonard H. Bucklin
20. Opening; Summation
This section contains the attorney’s notes for his opening statement and closing argu-
ment. These notes are needed, whether the case is to be a jury or court trial.
The purpose of form §20.1 is to encourage you to consider and develop your opening
statement and closing argument early in the case.
Shortly before trial, look over the opening statement rough notes you made on this
form §20.1 during the course of the litigation. Then work up a formal outline of the
opening statement, and put that outline in this section of the trial notebook. It will be
available for quick review the day before — and in the five minutes before — you rise to
make your opening statement.
Follow the same procedure for your summation notes. That is: Keep rough notes on
form §20.1, then replace them with your final outline, and they will be there for quick
review before you rise to make your closing argument.
(Rev. 6, 6/10)

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