AuthorLeonard H. Bucklin
Foreword to This Notebook System Volume
The intention of this volume of Building Trial Notebooks1is simply stated. I want you
to have a compact and powerful trial notebook, ready to guide and support you
throughout the entire course of litigation, not just at trial. Volume 1 of Building Trial
Notebooks provides the construction plans for the best trial notebook.
Inevitably, in short instructions and commentaries of this kind, the author must
appear dogmatic. I confess to the use of unqualified summations and assertions.
“I ask the reader, if he finds in this work anything superfluous or erroneous,
to correct and amend it, or pass it over with eyes half closed, for to keep all in
mind and err in nothing is divine rather than human.” Hudson, A Treatise of
the Court of Star Chamber, 239 (1621).
I am indebted to my partners and associates and legal assistants through the years.
They have used my system of trial notebooks, made suggestions for additional forms or
text, and have shown me that the system works for all types of litigation.
I am grateful to those trial lawyers or legal assistants who have taken the time to
express their comments and tell me of the use they have made of the forms and note-
book system. It affords me a compounded pleasure of authorship. Thank you.
Leonard Bucklin
1“Building Trial Notebooks” is a trademark of Leonard Bucklin, identifying his articles, forms, and texts
giving advice to lawyers.

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