New Hampshire. Statutory Language

New Hampshire Statute 32-13
356:1. Definitions
As used in this chapter the following terms shall have the following meaning:
I. “Commodity” shall include tangible or intangible property, real, personal,
or mixed.
II. “Government entity” shall include the state of New Hampshire and its
political subdivisions.
III. “Person” shall include, where applicable, natural persons, trusts,
government entities, corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships, proprietorships,
incorporated or unincorporated associations, and any other legal entity.
IV. “Service” shall include any activity which is performed in whole or in part
for financial gain.
V. “Trade or commerce” shall include any economic activity involving or
relating to any commodity or service, and any other business activity.
356:2. Restraints prohibited
I. Every contract, combination, or conspiracy in restraint of trade is
II. Every contract, combination, or conspiracy is unlawful which has the
purpose or the effect of:
(a) Fixing, controlling or maintaining prices, rates, quotations or fees in
any part of trade or commerce; or
(b) Fixing, controlling, maintaining, limiting or discontinuing the
production, manufacture, mining, sale or distribution of any commodity or service; or
(c) Allocating or dividing customers or markets in any part of trade or
commerce; or
(d) Refusing to deal, or coercing, persuading or inducing any person to
refuse to deal, with another person; or
(e) Fixing or controlling the price quotation of any bid for a public or
private contract, submitting sham or complementary bids, or controlling the
submission of bids including refusals to bid.
356:3. Monopolies prohibited
The establishment, maintenance or use of monopoly power, or any attempt to
establish, maintain or use monopoly power over trade or commerce for the purpose
of affecting competition or controlling, fixing or maintaining prices is unlawful.

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