Mississippi. Statutory Language

Mississippi Statute 27-29
. §§ 75-21-1 to 75-21-39
§ 75-21-1. Trust and combine; defined
A trust or combine is a combination, contract, understanding or agreement,
expressed or implied, between two or more persons, corporations or firms or
association of persons or between any one or more of either with one or more of the
others, when inimical to public welfare and the effect of which would be:
(a) To restrain trade;
(b) To limit, increase or reduce the price of a commodity;
(c) To limit, increase or reduce the production or output of a commodity;
(d) To hinder competition in the production, importation, manufacture,
transportation, sale or purchase of a commodity;
(e) To engross or forestall a commodity;
(f) To issue, own or hold the certificate of stock of any trust and combine
within the spirit of this chapter knowing it to be such at the time of the issue or the
acquisition or holding such certificate; or
(g) To place the control to any extent of business or of the proceeds or
earnings thereof, contrary to the spirit and meaning of this chapter, in the power of
trustees, by whatever name called; or
(h) To enable or empower any other person than themselves, their proper
officers, agents and employees to dictate or control the management of business,
contrary to the spirit and meaning of this chapter; or
(i) To unite or pool interest in the importation, manufacture, production,
transportation, or price of a commodity, contrary to the spirit and meaning of this
Any corporation, domestic or foreign, or any partnership, or individual, or other
association, or person whatsoever, who are now, or shall hereafter create, enter into,
become a member of, or a party to any trust or combine as hereinabove defined shall
be deemed and adjudged guilty of a conspiracy to defraud and shall be subject to the
penalties hereinafter provided. Any person, association of persons, corporation, or
corporations, domestic or foreign, who shall be a party or belong to a trust and
combine shall be guilty of crime and upon conviction thereof shall, for a first offense
be fined in any sum not less than one hundred dollars ($100.00) nor more than five
thousand dollars ($5,000.00) and for a second or subsequent offense not less than
two hundred dollars ($200.00) nor more than ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00), and
may be enjoined by a final decree of the chancery court, in a suit by the state on the
relation of the attorney general, from the further prosecution of or doing of the acts
constituting the trust and combine as defined in this chapter.

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