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Published date01 July 2019
Date01 July 2019
Industrial Relations Journal
Volume 50 Issue 4 July 2019
Volume 50 Issue 4 July 2019
Job quality is at the core of contemp orary debates about th e future of work. The
dimensions of ‘good’ or ‘decent ’ work are however fiercely c ontested. Are good jobs
consistent with the absence of employee vo ice mechanisms? In what ways can workers
influence the quality and ex perience of their jobs? Is it meaningful for p olicy makers
to focus on job quality as a core objec tive in the context of contin uing austerity and
budget constraints? What lessons can be dr awn from comparative studies of
employment change and the implications of different regulatory regimes? Will the
wider application of new technologies – r obots, AI and digitisation – enhance or
degrade the quality of work ing lives? The IRJ invites resear ch papers that address
these and related questions c oncerning the changing world of work .
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Original Articles
Justice obtained? How disabled claimants fare at Employment Tribunals
Laura William, Birgit Pauksztat and Susan Corby
The British Home Stores pension scheme: privatised looting?
Ian Clark
Exploring the fluid boundar y between legitimate performance
management and downward bullying : an experimental approach
Andrew R. Timming, Michael T. French and Di Fan
Strategic imperatives, power and subsidiar y performance: the transfer
of human resource management practices in multinational companies
operating in Poland's post-socialist banking industry
John Geary and Ilona Hunek
Union suppression and union substitution strategies of multinational
enterprises in Ghana
Desmond Tutu Ayentimi, John Burgess and Kantha Dayaram
Representing workers on occupational safety and health: some lessons
from a largely ignored history
David Walters and Michael Quinlan

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