Guam. Statutory Language

Guam Statute 13-9
tit. 9, §§ 69.10 to 69.70
§ 69.10. Definitions
As used in this Chapter:
(a) Person means an individual, corporation, business trust, partnership,
association, or any other legal entity.
(b) Relevant market means the geographical area of actual or potential
competition in a line of commerce, all or any part of which is within Guam.
§ 69.15. Contract, combination, or conspiracy to restrain or monopolize
or trade
(1) A contract, combination, or conspiracy between two (2) or more persons
in restraint of, or to monopolize, trade or commerce in a relevant market is unlawful;
or (2) A contract, agreement, combination or conspiracy which controls or
attempts to control the quantity, price or exchange of any article of manufacture,
product of the soil or mind or any goods or services in restraint of trade is unlawful;
or (3) Selling any goods or services at less than the cost thereof to a business
consumer, or to give away any goods or services, (as “business consumer” and
“goods or services” are defined in Article 1, Chapter 32, Title 5, Guam Code
Annotated) for the purpose of injuring competitors or destroying competition is
unlawful; or
(4) Secretly paying or allowing rebates, refunds, commissions, or unearned
discounts, whether in the form of money or otherwise, or secretly extending to
certain business consumers special services or privilege, not extended to all business
consumers purchasing upon like terms and conditions, to the injury of a competitor
and where such payment or allowance tends to destroy competition, is unlawful; or
(5) Threatening economic retaliation or physical damage to any person or to
any person’s property if goods or services are not purchased.
§ 69.20. Establishment, maintenance, or use of monopoly
The establishment, maintenance, or use of a monopoly, or an attempt or
conspiracy to establish a monopoly, of trade or commerce in a relevant market by
any person, for the purpose of excluding competition or controlling, fixing, or
maintaining prices is unlawful.

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