Alabama. Statutory Language

Alabama Statute 2-49
ALA. CODE §§ 8-10-1 to 8-10-3
§ 8-10-1. Entering combination, pool, etc., to fix price or limit quantity of
Any person or corporation who engages or agrees with other persons or
corporations or enters, directly or indirectly, into any combination, pool, trust, or
confederation to regulate or fix the price of any article or commodity to be sold or
produced within this state or any person or corporation who enters into, becomes a
member of or party to any pool agreement, combination, or confederation to fix or
limit the quantity of any article or commodity to be produced, manufactured, mined,
or sold in this state must be fined, on conviction, not less than $500 nor more than
§ 8-10-2. Entering combination to control management of corporation
with intent to fix price, diminish production, etc.
Any corporation chartered under the laws of this state or any officer,
stockholder, agent, or employee of any such corporation which enters into any
combination with any other corporation or person with the intent to place the
management or control of any such corporation in the hands of another corporation
or person and thereby limit or fix the price, restrict or diminish the production,
manufacture, sale, use, or consumption of any article of commerce must be fined, on
conviction, not less than $500 nor more than $2,000.
§ 8-10-3. Restraining trade or production, monopolizing commodities or
business, destruction of competition, etc.
Any person or corporation, domestic or foreign, which shall restrain, or attempt
to restrain, the freedom of trade or production, or which shall monopolize, or attempt
to monopolize, the production, control, or sale of any commodity or the prosecution,
management, or control of any kind, class, or description of business or which shall
destroy, or attempt to destroy, competition in the manufacture or sale of a commodity
shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, shall be fined not less than
$500 nor more than $2,000 for each offense.
Alabama Statute 2-50
§ 6-5-60. By whom and against whom action may be commenced; venue
(a) Any person, firm, or corporation injured or damaged by an unlawful trust,
combine or monopoly, or its effect, direct or indirect, may, in each instance of such
injury or damage, recover the sum of $500 and all actual damages from any person,
firm, or corporation creating, operating, aiding, or abetting such trust, combine, or
monopoly and may commence the action therefor against any one or more of the
parties to the trust, combine, or monopoly, or their attorneys, officers or agents, who
aid or abet such trust, combine, or monopoly. All such actions may be prosecuted to
final judgment against any one or more of the defendants thereto, notwithstanding
there may be a dismissal, acquittal, verdict, or judgment in favor of one or more of
the defendants.
(b) Actions under this section may be commenced in any county where the
trust, combine, or monopoly was formed or where it exists or is carried on, promoted,
operated, practiced, employed, used, or enjoyed, or in any county in which either of
the defendants may have a domicile or where an officer or agent of any defendant
corporation may be found.
§ 8-1-1. Contracts restraining business void; exceptions
(a) Every contract by which anyone is restrained from exercising a lawful
profession, trade, or business of any kind otherwise than is provided by this section is
to that extent void.
(b) One who sells the good will of a business may agree with the buyer and
one who is employed as an agent, servant or employee may agree with his employer
to refrain from carrying on or engaging in a similar business and from soliciting old
customers of such employer within a specified county, city, or part thereof so long as
the buyer, or any person deriving title to the good will from him, or employer carries
on a like business therein.
(c) Upon or in anticipation of a dissolution of the partnership, partners may
agree that none of them will carry on a similar business within the same county, city
or town, or within a specified part thereof, where the partnership business has been

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