AuthorBarry E. Hill
Page xx Environmental Justice: Legal Theory and Practice, 3rd Edition
Barry E. Hill is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Vermont Law
School, where he has taught an environmental justice and sustainable
development course for more tha n 20 years. He ha s been a Visiting
Scholar at the Environmental Law Institute since he retired from fed-
eral service in March 2015. Mr. Hill was Senior Counsel for Environ-
mental Governance, Oce of International and Tribal Aairs, U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from 2007-2015. Previously,
Mr. Hill was Director of EPA’s Oce of Environmental Justice from
1998-2007. Prior to that, he was the U.S. Department of the Interior’s
Associate Solicitor, Division of Conservation a nd Wildlife, and the
Director, Oce of Hearings and Appeals. Prior positions include: Of
Counsel to the law rm of Dickstein Shapiro, LLP, where he practiced
environmental law; Project Manager of the Superfund Business Unit of ICF International, an international
consulting rm; Special Counsel to the Attorney General of the District of Columbia; Legal Counsel to the
Inspector General of the U.S. EPA; Law Secretary to the Deputy Administrative Judge of New York City
(Criminal Division); and an Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn, New York.
Mr. Hill has lectured in the Middle East, Af rica, South and Central America, and the Caribbean on
the following topics: establishing a n environmental law and policy framework for national governments;
environmental justice and sustainable development; capacity-building training in environmental law for
judges, prosecutors, government regulators, citizens, and the bar; citizen involvement in the environmental
enforcement process; and the impact of global warming on indigenous populations. In 2011, Mr. Hill
delivered the Distinguished Lecture for the Trinidad & Tobago Environmental Commission, a nd the
Supreme Court of Trinidad & Tobago.
In 2011, Mr. Hi ll was presented the “Distinguished Alumni Award” by Brooklyn C ollege of the City
University of New York for his “commitment to environmental justice and sustainable development, and
pioneering leadership in the eld of environmental law and policy in the U.S. and abroad.”
In 2001, Mr. Hill was presented the “Award for Distinguished Achievement in Environmental Law and
Policy” by the American Bar Association for his work—teaching, research, and leadership—in the areas of
environmental justice and sustainable development, and environmental law and policy.
Since 1999, Mr. Hill has been a Fellow of the American Bar Association’s American Bar Foundation in
recognition of his professional accomplishments, distinguished service, and commitment to the study of
law and legal research.
Mr. Hill received his B.A. degree in Political Science from Brooklyn College; M.A. degree in Political
Science from Howard University; and a J.D. degree from the Cornell University Law School. In 2012,
Mr. Hill received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the omas Jeerson School of Law, since he
“steadfastly foug ht environmental injustice by taking action to decrease environmental risks and to raise
awareness of these issues, and by providing communities with the appropriate tools needed to address seri-
ous environmental problems.”

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