AuthorBarry E. Hill
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I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the Environmental Justice Movement activists, advocates, and
scholars who have inspired my keen interest and work in this area for the last 30 years.
I am deeply indebted to the various authors and publishers who have granted me permission to repro-
duce excerpts of their work in this textbook/handbook.
For my students—past, present, and future.
I gratefully acknowledge the help and encouragement of the team at the Environmental Law Institute—
specically, Jay Pendergrass, R achel Jean-Baptiste, and Bill Straub—for their eorts, support, and advice
in publishing this textbook/handbook. I sincerely appreciate ELI’s editing skills and Bill’s careful eye in
saving me from many embarrassing errors, and, in spite of their help and patience, I am clearly responsible
for any mistakes that have nonetheless found their way in the text itself.
Special recognition is given to Sc ott Badenoch and Emily Bergeron for their astute suggestions for th is
edition and for bringing to my attention various cases that should be added. Emily’s contributions with
respect to environmental injustice situations in Indian country were extremely helpful.
My sincere appreciation is extended to my sister, Sherry Yvonne Hill, whose expert typing skills and
patience contributed immensely to the successf ul completion of this textbook/handbook. I also want to
recognize the typing skil ls of Natalia Guijarro who pitched in when it appeared that I might not have been
able to make the deadline for submitting the draft manuscript to Rachel.
Finally, I am grateful to my beloved family and dear friends who helped me more than t hey could ever
imagine for their encouragement, smart counsel, support, and absolutely amazing patience. ank you all.
Be Well; Be Balanced; and Be Happy!!!
Barry E. Hi ll

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