Appendix G Company-Owned Phone, Fax, and E-Mail Policy

Company-Owned Phone, Fax,
and E-Mail Policy
Because technology is changing rapidly, this policy does not
attempt to list each and every element of the ___________ pol-
icy on elect ronic information and communication u sage. Rather,
it is merely a reference tool, outlining ___________s philoso-
phy and general principles and prohibitions to be applied when
using company-owned or provided equipment. If you have any
doubts on a particular issue or use, check with management first.
___________ has the right to modify and/or interpret this policy
at any time in its sole discretion.
The telephone system, including cell phones, facsimile machines,
voicemail system, electronic mail system (e-mail), computers, com-
puter network system, the Internet, any other electronic communi-
cation system, and the equipment and data stored on these systems
(“___________’s Electronic Information and Communication Sys-
tems”) are company property and remain so at all times. All mes-
sages and transmissions composed, sent, stored, or received on
___________’s Electronic Information and Communication Sys-
tems are and remain the exclusive property of ___________ and
are not to be considered private property of any employee. As com-
pany property, all messages on ___________s Electronic Informa-
tion and Communications Systems are subject to disclosure to law
enforcement or government officials, or to other parties through
subpoena or its equivalent, as well as for other business purposes
except as such communications may be subject to the attorney-
client privilege, the work-product doctrine, or some other protec-
tion that is recognized by the law.

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