The authors thank the American Bar Association for the oppor-
tunity to write this book. It has been both a sprint and a mara-
thon. Mostly, it has been a great privilege and learning experience.
Sometimes even f un.
Also, many thanks to Nhut Tan Tran, John Arrastia, Jennifer
Long, Frederick R. Ball, Joseph Drayton, and Josh Woodard who
contributed to the discussion of restrictive covenants. Thanks also
to Elizabeth Schwartz who helped edit an earlier version of this
Special thanks to Dick Spencer who, as our liaison with the Sec-
tion of Litigations Book Board, edited several drafts of the man-
uscript. His considerable time and effort made the book better.
Special thanks, too, to David Coale and Steve Weiss, both of whom
provided moral support as co-chairs of the Commercial & Busi-
ness Litigation Committee.
Grateful acknowledgement is made for permission to include
the following valuable primary resources in the Appendixes:
Uniform Trade Secrets Act with 1985 Amendments. Copyright
© 1985 by the National Conference of Commissioners on State
Laws. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.
Restatement of Torts § 757 and comments. Copyright © 1939 by
The American Law Institute. Reprinted with permission. All
rights reserved.
Restatement (Third) of Unfair Competition §§ 39-45. Copyright
© 1995 by The American Law Institute. Reprinted with permis-
sion. All rights reserved.
Author Amy Davis offers particular thanks to Vanessa Benavides
and the Honorable Tonya Parker for encouragement and under-
standing. As always, Paula Bagger is grateful for the support of her

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