AuthorFranklin L. Kury
Winning an election and publishing a book have someth ing in common: they
both require signicant support from others. When I won my elections to
the Pennsylvania House and Pennsylvania Senate, I had the good fortune to
receive outstanding support from many volunteers. In writing thi s book I have
been equally blessed by enthusiastic supporters. I want to thank them here.
At the beginning, John Dernbach, professor of law at Widener Universit y
Commonwe alth Law School, Cindy Adams Dunn, Pennsylvania’s secretary
of Conservation and Natural Resources, Dr. Shirley Anne Warshaw of Get-
tysburg College, and Davitt Woodwell, president of the Pennsylvania Envi-
ronmental C ouncil, provided perspective and encouragement.
e project then received generous support from a number of friends:
William and Marion A lexander, Dr. William Anderson, Deborah Beck,
Daniel Booker, James H. Cawley, James and Carol Dildine, Frederick D.
Fischer, Peter LaBella, G. Michael Leader, John Malady, Joseph Manko and
the Manko Gold & Katcher Law Firm, Bruce and Sa rah McKinney, H. Shel-
don Parker, Dr. Tom and Linda Pheasant, Philip Price, Tom and Deborah
Prather, Harley N. Trice II, Jonathan Weis, and Patricia Ross Weis.
Able research assista nce was provided by Benjamin R. Pontz, a senior at
Getty sburg Col lege; Cat herine R. Johnson, a sophomore at Susqueha nna
University; and Debra Coulson, a retired environmental lawyer w ith Reed
Smith Shaw & McClay.
e manuscript received critical reviews f rom Joseph Manko, Bernard
Kury, Michael Aumiller, Vincent Carocci, Dr. Shirley Anne Warshaw, and
Sarah McKinney.
Mary Linkevich of the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary sta, Linda Mulca hy
of the Butte Silver Bows (Montana) Archives, Jesse Teitelbaum and Jennifer
Ott of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Archives, Michelin Leini-
nger of Malady & Wooten, and Homer “Skip” Wieder gave important help.
Shirley Anne Warshaw, Scott Weidensaul, John Dernbach, Vincent
Carocci, and La rry Schweiger— all publ ished author s—gave generously
from their experience in moving the manuscript toward publication.
I owe a special note of appreciation to Debra Coulson, my former col-
league in the environmental section of Reed Smith Shaw & McClay. She
gave unstintingly and reliably from her professional knowledge, not only on

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