Appendix III: Environmental Provisions in State Constitutions Compared With Pennsylvania's Environmental Rights Amendment, Article I, Section 27

AuthorFranklin L. Kury
Express Rig ht
to a Healthy
Environment Public Ownership
Express Trusteeship
Other Provis ions
Related to th e
Art. I, § 27
May 18, 1971
“The people h ave a right
to clean air, pure wat er,
and to the prese rvation
of the natura l, scenic, his-
toric and est hetic values of
the environment.”
“Pennsylvania’s public
natural reso urces are the
common prope rty of all
the people, including gen-
erations yet t o come.”
“As trustee of t hese
resources, t he Com-
monwealth shall conserve
and maintai n them for the
benef‌it of all t he people.”
Art. XI , §219.07(1)
(1993 )
Amendmen t 892
(2014), amen ding
Amendmen t 597
(1996 )
“In order to me et the
State’s outdoor r ecreation
needs and to pro tect the
natural her itage of Ala-
bama for the be nef‌it of
present and fu ture genera-
tions, it is th e policy of the
state to prot ect, manage,
and enhance ce rtain lands
and waters of A labama
with full reco gnition that
this genera tion is a trustee
of the environm ent for
succeeding generations.”
Establishes the Alabama
Forever Wild La nd Trust
and promotes “a p roper
balance among population
growth, eco nomic devel-
opment, environmental
protection , and ecological
Right to hunt , f‌ish, and
harvest wi ldlife
Art. VI II, §§2, 3
(1959 )
Section 3. “ Wherever
occurring in t heir natural
state, f‌ish , wildlife, and
waters are res erved to the
people for com mon use.”
Legislature t o provide for
the “utiliza tion, develop-
ment, and co nservation of all
natural reso urces belonging
to the State , including land
and waters, f or the maximum
benef‌it of it s people.”

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