About the Author

AuthorFranklin L. Kury
About the Author
Franklin Kur y served in the Pennsyl-
vania House of Representatives from
1966 to 1972 and the Pennsylvania
Senate from 1972 to 1980.
As a state representative, Kury wa s
the author and lead advocate of the
legislative proposal that became the
Environmental Rights A mendment to
the Pennsylvania Constitution (Arti-
cle 1, Section 27) that is the basis of
this book.
After leaving the legi slature, Kury was a member of the Board of Directors
of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council a nd Hawk Mountain Sanctuary.
In 2013, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court cited Kury’s book Clean Poli-
tics/Clean Streams by name and used segments of it to support its landmark
decision in Robinson Township v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, interpret-
ing Pennsylvania’s constitutional environmental rights provision.
Kury is a graduate of Trinity College and the University of Pennsylvania
Law School. He is a retired Pennsylvania attorney who practiced i n the envi-
ronmental area for many years with Reed Smith Shaw & McClay. He lives
in the Harrisburg, Pennsylva nia, area with his wife, attorney Elizabe th Kury.
Other Books by Franklin Kury
Clean Politics/Clean Streams: A Legisl ative Autobiography and Reections. Lan-
ham, MD: Lehigh University Press, 2011.
Why Are You Here? A Primer for State Legislators and Citi zens. Lanham, MD:
University Press of America, 2014.
Gerrymandering: A Guide to Congressional Redistricting, Dark Money and the
U.S. Supreme Court. L anham, MD: Hamilton Books, 2018.
Photograph courtesy of Harrisburg Patriot-News PennLive.

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