May 18, 2071, and the Leadership of the United States

AuthorFranklin L. Kury
Chapter 14: May 18, 2071, and the
Leadership of the United States
What will the climate of the United States and the rest of the world
be like fty years from now, on the centennial anniversary of
Article 1, Section 27?
Will the looming disaster from a polluted atmosphere and climate cha nge
have overcome us? Or will we prevail and continue to live on this earth in a
stable, hea lthy climate?
ese questions have been asked in numerous newspapers, television pro-
grams, and magazine articles, pa rticularly relating to 2020 as the ftieth
anniversary of Ea rth Day.
Perhaps the most dramatic such question is raised in the April 2020 issue
of National Geographic, which explores where the planet will be in the year
2070. is magazine has t wo covers. e front cover is boldly entitled “How
We Lost the Planet.” is half of the magazine issue ha s two short essays,
and many startling color photographs showing every aspect of environmen-
tal and climate cha nge degradation—in the sea s, on land, and in the air. It
concludes with several maps of the world showing in red and brown how
each continent will be aected by temperatu re, moisture, droug ht, and other
conditions .
e back cover is boldly titled “How We Saved the Planet.” e contents
of this half are in c omplete contrast to the other half. It contains short essays
and many large color photographs of environmentally protective projects,
and maps showing in blue and green how the continents and nations could
fare in 2070.
It is a stark choice.
With the answer to this question stil l to be determined, marking the fti-
eth anniversar y of Article 1, Section 27, can be a pause for reection, not of
celebration. At some time in the next decade or so, we will pass t he turning
point in the eort to save the planet. After that, it is probably too late.
We need to move forward promptly and aggressively using the principles
of Article 1, Section 27, as core values for saving the planet.
e leadership of the United States is necessary if t he planet is to be saved.
Former Vice President Al Gore has frequently stated that the United States is

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