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AuthorDon Bartell/Mary Catherine McMurray/Anne ImObersteg
Donald Bartell
twice elected, President of the California DUI Lawyers Association (CDLA). The alliance is the oldest continuous
DUI organization in America. Mr. Bartell has represented CDLA as an amicus curiae in cases involving DUI related
    
Mr. Bartell participated in the most extensive DUI jury research project ever done. The project was a joint
   
arguments resonate with jurors in DUI cases. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of California, Berkeley,
Mary Catherine McMurray is a nationally known forensic consultant based in Wisconsin.
She has appeared in Federal, State, and Municipal courts in civil and criminal cases, providing expert testimony
in the areas of chemical testing, the analysis of breath, blood and urine for ethyl alcohol, and the interpretation
of the analytical results. She previously worked for the Wisconsin State Patrol as an instructor and maintenance
tech, and was also an SFST instructor.
Ms. McMurray teaches and gives presentations at numerous professional training classes, seminars, and meetings.
Anne ImObersteg-
macology before her unfortunate and sad passing during the writing of this book. She was an expert witness in
lab instrumentation, and breath alcohol instrumentation.
She was a former Forensic Laboratory Inspector and consultant to the federal government, and professor at
   
Criminalistics, MBA, and JD.
Lara Jayne Gressley
preeminent appellate attorneys in California. She has written briefs in the California Court of Appeal, California
Supreme Court, and the United States Supreme Court.
Marisa Feil is a Canadian immigration attorney. She has lectured to audiences across the United States on
the Canadian immigration consequences of a drunk driving conviction. She can be reached at:
FWCanada Inc.
4030 St. Ambroise Suite 250
Montreal, Quebec
514-316-3555 ext. 204

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