Vaccine mandates on the rise; how to respond.

The dramatic spike in COVID cases this summer--fueled by the powerful Delta variant--is leading more employers to rethink their hesitancy about vaccine mandates.

Last May, only 4% of employers said they were mandating or considering requiring their workers to be vaccinated as a condition of employment, according to a Fisher Phillips law firm survey. But an updated survey in early August showed that number is up to 15% and rising. Despite this shift, a full two-thirds of employers surveyed still say they remain opposed to outright mandates.

Industries most likely to impose COVID vaccine mandates: healthcare (42%), hospitality (29%), education (24%) and nonprofits (22%). Those least likely: automotive (9%), manufacturing (8%), staffing (7%) and finance/insurance (5%).

Several large employers are leading the way--including the largest. The federal government ordered all employees (and employees of federal contractors) to either provide proof of vaccination or submit to regular COVID testing. Facebook, Google, Tyson Foods, Walmart and others have followed suit. And while some states and cities are also mandating shots for their employees, other states have specifically blocked employer mandates.

If you're thinking about mandating the shot, you face several key questions, including how to...

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