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AuthorLaura M. Franze
F-21 Texas employmenT law
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Statutes and case law sometimes do not fit neatly into one category or another. We are aware that a prac-
titioner may not read this book from cover to cover, but may refer to it chapter by chapter as needed. Therefore
we have been careful to discuss laws and cases whenever they apply, even if some redundancy results. In cases of
only indirect relationship, numerous cross-references are supplied. The focus of the book is the law that is applied
in the state of Texas. In many areas, however, the law is not yet fully developed and reference by analogy to the
law in other states is used as a predictor of how a Texas court might rule on any particular subject.
In the case of federal law issues, there has been a particular emphasis on Fifth Circuit precedence, as it
is the federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to which the federal district courts in Texas must ultimately turn for
interpretation of the law. Litigation issues are discussed throughout this two-volume set, as relevant to each
chapter. Supplemental editions of this work will contain entire chapters dedicated to the practical and proce-
dural aspects of employment litigation. One final caution: this book is as comprehensive as two volumes of
discussion and citation to authority will allow. Employment law is fast changing, however, and this area of law
is particularly fact oriented. One difference in fact or jurisdiction, or nuance in presentation or perspective, can
sometimes change the outcome of a case. The book is intended to be a guide only and is no substitute for the
experience and counsel of a seasoned employment lawyer.

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